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Property Market

Alderney boasts a mature property market and is perhaps the easiest of the Channel Islands in which to purchase residential or commercial property. There are few restrictions on ownership of land or property and the occupancy of existing dwellings.

Any citizen of a country within the European Union or Commonwealth can buy property in Alderney. Anyone who is not a subject of Her Majesty or does not hold E.U. passports may apply to the court and the Lieutenant Governor for permission to purchase property.

Congé & Document Duty

On completion of a property purchase, the buyer is required to pay congé (similar to property tax) and document duty.

  • The Congé amounts to 2% of the realty price (i.e. bricks and mortar) and is payable to the States of Alderney.
  • The Document Duty is calculated as follows and is payable to the States of Guernsey:
    •  2% where the value of the realty price is less than £150,000
    • 2.5% where the value of the realty price is between £150,000 and £250,000
    • 3% where the value of the realty price is more than £250,000.
  • Estate Agency commission is payable by the vendor. For commission rates please contact the individual estate agencies.

Any of the following Alderney-based estate agencies will be able to offer further information and professional assistance when buying or leasing property and all also provide comprehensive property management services.

More detailed information regarding the agencies listed here and properties for sale are published on their respective individual websites.

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