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States of Alderney services

The States of Alderney provides its services in various areas headed by a senior manager:

Chief Executive
Treasurer/ Head of Finance 
Head of Estates, Environment & Infrastructure
Harbour Master

Within each area there are a number of functions which make up the services we provide to the community. 

The overarching vision of the States of Alderney is to see high quality public services provided cost effectively to the local taxpayer and in doing so, improve the quality of life enjoyed by all Island residents, now and in the future.

 The key responsibilities for each of these managers are as follows:

• Chief Executive:  Head of the Alderney Civil Service and accountable to the States for the provision of operational oversight to the Transferred Services provided in Alderney by the States of Guernsey and delivered by Guernsey Civil and Public Servants. Senior advisor to the Government of Alderney, providing the executive lead in relation to Alderney's relations with the States of Guernsey, the UK Government (principally, the Ministry of Justice); French national and local government and various non-governmental organisations.

• Treasurer/ Head of Finance:  Responsible for the day to day running of all financial aspects of the Island's administration including some aspects of the transferred services.  This includes the production of the States of Alderney and Water Board annual Budgets and Accounts. The Treasurer also takes responsibility for Trust Administration; States Corporate Insurance, Commemorative Coin Issue; Grant Applications & Property/Land Rental

• Head of Estates, Environment & Infrastructure:  Responsible for maintenance of the island's infrastructure including:  water; sewage; waste; agriculture; planning; and, building control. States Works provides general contracting and maintenance services to the States of Alderney, using the skills and expertise of the predominantly manual workforce and specialist vehicles and specialist equipment.  States Works provide electrical, mechanical and building services to the States of Alderney as well as agricultural works, a gardens service and a recycling service. The States of Alderney Water Board is responsible for the supply of clean, drinkable water to some 1300 households and commercial users on the island.

• Harbour Master:  The Harbour Master is responsible for the operation of the Harbour. The Harbour Master takes responsibility for Maritime Search and Rescue, the Safety of Navigation and Maritime Pollution within the sea.  The Harbour Master is also a British Sea Fisheries Officer and advises on fisheries matters. The Harbour Master is also the Deputy Receiver of Wreck


Services Provided by Guernsey

A number of local services on Alderney are provided by the States of Guernsey.  These "transferred" services, which include health, policing and education, are provided in return for the collection of income and other taxes from the people of Alderney.

The States of Alderney delivers most of the public services for Alderney while States of Guernsey staff deliver transferred services.