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Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

The Alderney Branch of The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association


The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, which was formed in 1911 under the name of the Empire Parliamentary Association, is an Association of Commonwealth Parliamentarians who, irrespective of race, religion or culture, are united by community of interest, respect for the rule of law and human rights and freedoms, and the pursuit of the positive ideals of parliamentary democracy. It has as its purpose the promotion of "knowledge and education about the constitutional, legislative, economic, social and cultural systems within a parliamentary democratic framework with particular reference to the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations and to other countries having close historical and parliamentary associations with it". It is composed of branches in legislatures of Commonwealth countries, including state and provincial assemblies as well as national parliaments. Members of each legislature in which a branch is formed are entitled to become members of that branch. Each branch is autonomous and has an equal voice in Association affairs. The governing body (the General Assembly) meets annually at a plenary conference. The management of Association affairs is conducted by an Executive Committee composed of elected officers plus representatives from each of the Association's regions. The Alderney Branch was formed in 1980 and is a member of the British Islands and Mediterranean Region of the Association.


The Association provides the sole means of regular consultation between members of Commonwealth parliaments. It pursues its objectives by means of annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences, Small Countries Conferences and Regional Conferences, interchange of delegations, organisation of seminars and the production of various publications.

Each year the Alderney Branch sends two delegates to the Regional Conference at which parliamentary and political issues are discussed in an effort to improve the way parliaments work and to broaden the understanding of members. During this Conference, the Annual General Meeting of the Region takes place to discuss Regional matters and housekeeping issues.

Summary reports of those conferences are published and sent direct to all Heads of Governments within the Commonwealth, Leaders of the Opposition, selected Ministers and relevant international organisations so that the views of Commonwealth members may be reflected.

The other member branches of the Region are:

  • Cyprus
  • Falkland Islands
  • Gibraltar
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Malta
  • Northern Ireland
  • St Helena
  • Scotland
  • United Kingdom
  • Wales

The UK branch hosts an annual seminar on parliamentary practice and procedure which has been held at Westminster since 1951. From time to time the Branch is invited to send a member to participate in these seminars. The Branch also sends members on study visits to other branches and hosts return visits. It welcomes visiting parliamentarians and on request will contact the Secretariat of any member branch which any of our own members intends to visit, whether officially or privately.


Members receive copies of the Association's journal The Parliamentarian, which contains articles, reports on political and constitutional developments, description of procedural rulings, parliamentary reports and review of parliamentary books written primarily by and for members and officials, in addition to a newsletter on CPA and Commonwealth parliamentary and political developments entitled First Reading.

Reference Services

The Association also operates the Parliamentary Information and Reference Centre which processes enquiries on political, parliamentary and constitutional matters.

Alderney Branch Executive Committee

Stuart Trought - Ex-Officio Chairman
Mr James Dent - States Member
Mr Graham McKinley - States Member 
Mrs Norma Paris - States Member

Officers Of The Alderney Branch

Hon Secretary: Mr Jonathan Anderson