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A Great Start to 2011 for Alderney

Alderney, Channel Islands - Who could ask for a better start to the year, we are only in February and so far we have received some fantastic media coverage.

Front Cover of Travel magazine

Alderney featured on the front cover of The Good Travel Guide, a magazine which is distributed to a readership of 150,000 and is distributed for free at The Times Destinations Holiday & Travel Shows in London and Birmingham, which are two of the biggest travel shows in the UK exhibition diary.
The Good Travel Guide, a quarterly travel magazine, displayed the Front Cover Image of the Alderney Brochure on the front cover of their January, February and March issue; the magazine also featured a double page spread on Alderney. The image for the front cover was taken by Helene Matthews who won the Visit Alderney - Alderney Brochure Front Cover Photograph Competition for 2011.

Joanna Parmentier, Marketing Manager for VisitAlderney said "For Alderney to be featured on the Front Cover of the Good Travel Guide is fantastic news, the publication is not only circulated to a readership of 150,000 but is also distributed for free at the at The Times Destinations Holiday & Travel Shows in London and Birmingham. These shows are two of the largest travel shows in the UK exhibition diary. In terms of the value to Alderney, this type of exposure in financial terms would be very costly, the fact that the publication loved our front cover enough to feature it on the front of their magazine speaks volumes for the photographer Helene Matthews and is a credit to the Alderney Brochure/VisitAlderney. Also the fact that the cover was complimented by an article within the magazine and that the shelf life of the publication is three months, adds even more value."

Duncan Goodhew article

Featured in the January 2011 edition of 'Country Living' Magazine an article, written by Duncan Goodhew talked about his holidays on Alderney. Every month a different celebrity writes for the back page of Country Living and that month Duncan offered an abundance of praise for the island, which he regularly visits.

Joanna Parmentier, Marketing Manager for VisitAlderney said "Duncan Goodhew's article about Alderney in Country Living was very complimentary and describes the island as idyllic. Duncan is a fantastic ambassador for the island and needless to say there was a noticeable increase in hits on the VisitAlderney website immediately after the article was published. If anyone would like to read the article please email and I will email it to you."

Newspaper coverage

An article appeared in the Daily Mail entitled - 'Mystery of why the idyllic Channel Isle of Alderney is in desperate need of newcomers.' Written by Ross Clark, this article appeared in the Daily Mail on 24th January 2011 and talked about Alderney looking for more people to come and live here.

The Times featured a short piece by Matthew Parris in his column 'My Week' entitled - 'Did the MoD ever take a holiday in Alderney?' which appeared in the paper on Thursday 10th February.

A journalist from The Sunday Mirror will be visiting Alderney in early March to write an article on Alderney for the paper.

Television Coverage


At the beginning of the year Alderney was featured on BBC Countryfile. The programme was broadcast at 19.00 on Sunday 16th January 2011 and presented by James Wong who visited the Island to find out what makes Alderney such a magnet for Wildlife. Originally the programme was going to predominately feature Guernsey and it's grow-your-own culture with Alderney being featured for only 3 to 4 minutes, however, once on the island the film crew found the it to be so interesting and the footage so good that they decided to extend it to 10 minutes.

The footage of Alderney was spectacular and showed the island at its best, with beautiful blue skies, a glistening sea, stunning scenery, abundance of wildlife, and knowledgeable guides. Needless to say the feedback that we received was very positive with a noticeable increase in brochure requests. In terms of the value to Alderney tourism, the airing of this programme by the BBC at 7pm on a Sunday is prime time TV viewing, exposure will have been huge and, in financial terms, reaching this kind of audience is something that we could never afford with our budget.

Possibility of appearing on the One Show.

Miranda Krestovnikoff, a regular presenter for the One Show and visitor to Alderney, who complimented the programme, said that she has forwarded it on to

The One Show to see if they will do something similar.


After a great deal of rescheduling of the filming date, the Alderney Eggheads team, aptly named "The Alderney Rockhoppers", made it to Glasgow on the weekend of Friday 14th January. The team members were Bridget Postlethwaite as team leader, Bernice Miller, Bill Walden, Julie Turner and Tim Butler. Unfortunately, the sixth member of the team, Caroline Ely, was unable to attend. All went well and although the team is unable to comment on the whether or not they beat the Eggheads, we will keep you updated as to when the programme will be aired.

  • Helene Matthews