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The States of Alderney re-launches with a new design and as a social media interactive website

Earlier this week, the States of Alderney re-launched the VisitAlderney website.

The new site has been designed so that it is fully integrated with VisitAlderney's various Social Media forums such as Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and flickr. It is now possible to Facebook - like or tweet the pages of the website and comment on them.

A blog feature has also been added so that when news is published on the website, the public can comment, and there is also a huge emphasis on photographs, which illustrates Alderney in a fantastic light.

Joanna Parmentier, VisitAlderney Marketing Manager said "The website has now been streamlined. Research has shown that people do not have so much time on their hands these days and don't want to spend hours sifting through reams of information; they want information easily available at their fingertips. For this reason, we have streamlined the information, each page contains a small amount of text about the related subject, but there are now pdfs that can be easily downloaded and which contain all relevant information."

She continued "Websites age very quickly and like everything else in the modern world, design and technological trends and fashions evolve at a rapid speed. If you do not continue to redesign and innovate then it is easy to be left behind. An example of how fast the technological and marketing worlds moves can he demonstrated with Social Media, a term that before Facebook was created simply didn't exist, yet within the space of a few years we have witnessed a huge boom in this type of media platform and now it is one of the main components responsible for how we market ourselves to the consumers."

Neil Inder, Director of Submarine Limited said "Having served Alderney well since the initial build, changes in how people interact on the web, technology advances, along with the new branding, meant that it was time to rethink the website."

He continued "The new iteration embraces the concepts of Web 2.0 of interoperability and information sharing and includes links back to their Social Media outposts. There are more interactive features and a new version of the Submarine Content Management System; which reduces Alderney's reliance on us maintaining their website and importantly reduces their maintenance costs."

To view the new website please visit -

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