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Alderney in The Sunday Mirror

Richard Webber, writing for the Sunday Mirror, had this to say in his article published on the 27th of March

IT sounds like a dream... a picturesque island free of VAT, inheritance and capital gains tax and boasting a maximum 20 percent income tax band with generous personal allowances.

Well, your dreams could come true because Alderney - the forgotten member of the Channel Islands - wants to increase its tiny population of 2,400 people by attracting newcomers.

Generally overlooked in favour of its larger neighbours Jersey and Guernsey, Alderney is one of Britain's best-kept secrets but can be reached in 45 minutes flying time from Southampton.

Moving to Jersey is difficult unless you are wealthy and Guernsey has restrictions in living in properties there. But Alderney - where prices are similar to England's south coast - has an open housing market for EU citizens.

Roy Burke, the island's Chief Executive, says: "You could move to Alderney tomorrow - and it's such a beautiful place."