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A New President for Alderney

Alderney residents turned out to the members' room of the Island Hall today in the glorious sunshine to vote for the 3 proposed candidates.

Sixty five percent (845) of the Alderney electorate (1,286) voted at the States of Alderney Election today, Saturday, the 11th June 2011. The election was held to vote for a new President for the States of Alderney to replace the existing President Sir Norman Browse.

There were 3 proposed candidates for the post; Paul Arditti, Bill Simpson and Stuart Trought who stood for election and the successful candidate was Stuart Trought with a land slide win of 487 votes, followed by Bill Simpson with 239 and Paul Arditti with 105.

Retired mariner Mr Trought who used to run a charter angling business and was the former chief executive officer of Alderney Renewable Energy said"I am pleased with the trust that the people of Alderney and my sponsors have put in me. I want to be a unifying President and one that helps to move Alderney forward, that deals with its problems and helps to steer the island through the difficult times."

He continued"I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and will do my best for Alderney. I want to have a clear vision and to delve into the innards of what is going on and find a clear path forward."

Sir Norman Browse who has been in office since 2002, announced in May that he would be retiring after June's States meeting, after pledging to retire when he turned 80. Sir Norman Browse was elected in 2002 and has served as President to the Island for 9 years.

Sir Norman Browse said"It has been a privilege to serve Alderney and I have enjoyed being at the centre of the island's government. It has been a privilege to know what is going on, to experience the difficulties States members have to meet and resolve, and appreciate their hard work."

The president, who serves a four-year term, chairs the monthly meetings of the 10 elected States members and has a casting vote in the event of a tied vote, will be sworn-in at the next States meeting on 22 June and will complete the remainder of the current term of office, which ends in December 2012.