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St John Alderney Ambulance Service needs your help

Ref. SJAAS ~ 31-08-2011

St. John Alderney is currently very short of ambulance personnel, especially for the month of September. The Board and Crew met last Saturday and are trying to work out a rota to see us over the month. Emergencies will obviously take priority.

A representative from the Alderney Ambulance Service said "We are currently desperately in need of new recruits to the service. Some crew members are finding that their work commitments are becoming more onerous, and so can give less time to St. John. Two of our long-standing members, Brenda Webb and Diane Allen, have recently had to resign. We thank them both for their dedicated and loyal service to the ambulance team."

They continued "If you would be interested in joining the team, why not come along on a Monday night to the HQ at Crabby at 6pm, or ring Mel Walden on 822152 or 07781 119891 or Ros Michel on 823452 for more information."

Working with the ambulance team is good fun, rewarding and can be exciting. Everyone is part-time and we can arrange sessions to fit in with your job and life-style. Training takes place on Monday evenings from 6 till 8 pm. Don't worry, you won't be sent off to an emergency until you are ready and happy! The teams usually work in threes and there is normally a back-up team in reserve.

Uniforms are provided and remuneration is £12 per hour (call out) and £10 per hour (stand-by). There is also a small petrol allowance.

A representative from the Alderney Ambulance Service said"We do have to lift patients frequently and so a certain degree of fitness is necessary, but otherwise no qualifications are necessary, although a driving licence is an advantage. Please think if you could help us maintain the service for the island."