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States Works Department - Snow Action Plan 2011-2012

Action Plan for road & footpath clearance in the event of prolonged snow fall & freezing conditions.

Typical condition:

1. Limited Snow Fall: In Alderney snowfall is usually limited and may fall overnight but often has melted by mid day the following day.

2. Severe conditions: On occasions, as 7th January & 3rd December 2010, snow had fallen over a number of days and began melting however with a dropping thermometer roads froze over night and subsequent thawing was slow.

Action: All our actions are dependant of equipment available and the ability to move vehicles and equipment in a safe manner. Experience shows that moving plant and vehicles from the Butes can be particularly hazardous before some grit is spread of the thaw has commenced.

What should we endeavour to achieve?

Roads: It is necessary to ensure main routes are passable, the priority being given to emergency & high priority services. The route being from the Hospital along Crabby, St John's & Fire Brigade, via the Harbour up Braye Hill through town via Marais Square on to the Airport. In addition, because of the one way system around St Anne, a route from Braye Hill via the Val, Heche & Chemin du Menieur should be treated. This would ensure deliveries from the Harbour and Airport to the town area could be maintained. Grand Val (Airport Road) and link to airport buildings would be treated if the airport was notified as being open for flights. In addition access from the Rocquettes to the Butes Car Park should be maintained wherever possible.

The above routes also give access to the emergency gate to the school on Braye Road which give the majority of children a walking route to school.

Footpaths/ Walking Route: Efforts should be made to ensure footpaths are open through Victoria Street, Lower High Street to Connaught Square & Marais Square. In addition access to the Medical practice in Ollivier Street should be included.

What action should be taken?

It is not intended that we would take pre-emptive action; ours would be a reactive response depending on the severity of the conditions.

In the event of light snow and a rising thermometer it is assumed that nature would take its course and thawing would occur before any substantial disruption was caused.

In heavier snow and freezing condition:

Roads: The above route would be checked regularly and in the event of it becoming impassable "beach grit" would be spread to improve grip.

Walking Route: The footpath to one side of the road on the route referred to above will be treated with either grit, Rock Salt or a mixture; this will be supplemented by bins containing a mixture of grit and rock salt in strategic locations. Initially these will be Butes, Rocquettes, QEII Street, Museum & Marais Square.

The "bins" will be deployed from the end of November to March unless a long term forecast suggests extreme conditions outside these dates.

Further Action in the event of Long Term Disruption

In the event of long term disruption due to snow and ice other routes would be reviewed with priority given to access to necessary locations for States Waterboard and other statutory undertaking by discussion. Longis Road as far as Kiln Farm would also be considered a priority to allow milk deliveries and the like.

Further walking routes to town would be gritted if the forecasts suggested extended icy conditions


Beach grit will assist with traction but does little to accelerate thawing; this will therefore be used on roads.

Rock Salt assists with thawing and would be used, mixed with grit, on footpaths and "blackspots".

Note: Rock Salt will not be applied in locations where it would find its way into the water collection system.

Sweeping and or shovelling snow off of footpaths and walkways should be avoided unless rock salt is applied as this can lead to icing.

In the event of severe conditions the Works Department should be kept notified on either land line 822408 or mobile 07781 104754 of any issues.

Airport: Air Traffic Control, Hannah Falloon, &/or Airport Manager, Keith Webster, should advise whether the Airport is open.

Hospital: Hospital Administrator, Mark Sumner, should notify of any access difficulties to the hospital.

Harbour: Harbourmasters Office should advise regarding shipping in order that where possible access roads are maintained passable.

Police: In the event of a specific emergency, accident or incident contact should be made with the Works Department to see if assistance can be given.


Updated 9th December 2011.