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Approved Documents

The functional requirements of the Building (Alderney) Regulations 2014 are listed in Schedule 1 of those regulations.  Regulation 3(1)((b) of the Regulations allows for documents to be issued by the Building and Development Control Committee for the purpose of providing practical guidance in relation to any provision of the Regulations.  It is proposed that the current Guernsey Technical Standards (GTS) will be issued as 'Approved Documents' for this purpose. 

The functional requirements of the Regulations will be deemed to have been satisfied if the design guidance given in the Guernsey Technical Standards is followed.   

The Guernsey Technical Standards are split into 17 key parts, listed alphabetically A to P and Regulation 11:

  • Part A - Structure
  • Part B - Vol 1 Fire safety - Dwellinghouses
                 - Vol 2 Fire safety - Buildings other than Dwellinghouses
  • Part C - Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture
  • Part D - Toxic Substances
  • Part E - Resistance to the passage of sound
  • Part F - Ventilation
  • Part G - Health, Hygiene and Water Efficiency
  • Part H - Drainage and Waste Disposal
  • Part J - Heat producing appliances and Fuel storage systems
  • Part K - Safe means of access and egress
  • Part L1 - Conservation of Fuel and Power - Dwellings
  • Part L2 - Conservation of Fuel and Power - Buildings other than Dwellings
  • Part M - Access to and use of buildings
  • Part N - Glazing - Materials and Protection
  • Part P - Roads
  • Reg 11 - Materials and Workmanship

Water Efficiency Documents 

  • Water Efficiency Calculator
  • Water Use Calculator

The above documents can be downloaded below.