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Land Registry

Under the Alderney Land and Property etc. Law 1949, the Land Registrar has the responsibility of holding and maintaining the Alderney Land Register. The consolidated Law can be purchased from the Chief Executive's Office at the States of Alderney.

The Register contains information relating to Property Details, Ownership Details, Adverse Entries (for example any charges against the property) and Minor Interests (for example any rights existing against another property).

Under the Law the Registrar must also keep an Index Map, which shows the location and general extent of the land contained in the Register.  The Alderney Land Registry does not guarantee land boundaries.

Although the paper records still exist, in July 2000 the Register was fully computerised and a digital Index Map was created.   At the present time documents listed in the Adverse and Minor Interest register are in the process of being converted from paper only into electronic files.

Land Registry Services: Register Search

The Register can be searched using any of the following information: The "AY" Title number, the owner's name, the address or the parcel/section number. A certified copy of the Register, an extract of the  Index Map and copies of documents referred to in the Register may be obtained. To search the Register for details concerning your own property does not incur a fee, but otherwise a charge applies to this service. The Register may be searched by attending the office in person or by applying for a search to be carried out by one of the Registry Staff.  The requested documents can be sent to you by post or email.

The Registrar advises any potential buyer to search the Land Register and, if necessary, to obtain independent legal advice. Whilst Land Registry staff can help with undertaking searches they cannot provide legal advice. The Land Register guarantees the title but it is not a guarantee of the boundaries. The fees and duties currently payable on the purchase of a freehold property include the Land Registry Fee, States of Guernsey Document Duty and States of Alderney Conge.

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