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People's Meeting and Public Questions

Information on Peoples Meetings

People's meetings

Before every meeting of the States a meeting open to the public shall be held for the purpose of informing those present of the business to be transacted at that meeting of the States and giving any States of Alderney explanation required by the people's meeting. 
Only a member of the electorate may speak at a people's meeting.
The people's meeting shall be called by a member of the States nominated by the President as convener of that meeting. 

The convener of the people's meeting:-
(a) shall preside over and control the meeting,
(b) may require any person whose conduct at the meeting appears to the convener to be incompatible with an orderly meeting to leave the meeting, and
(c) may in the event of disorder adjourn and reconvene the meeting at his discretion.

The Chief Executive and Treasurer attend the people's meeting and assist the convener.
The members of the States and the President in exercising his casting vote are not bound to vote at a meeting of the States in accordance with any view expressed at a people's meeting.
The expenses of calling and holding a people's meeting shall be defrayed as part of the expenses of the States.

For more information, please refer to section 42 of The Government of Alderney Law, 2004

Public Questions

In June 2014 the Policy and Finance Committee agreed a Proposal for Public Engagement at People's Meeting which will be trialled for 3 months starting from July 2014.