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2014 - 300th Anniversary of the Coronation of King George I

King George I

George's coronation ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey on 20th October 1714.  It was an understated affair due to the political unease abounding at the time, with much of the service being conducted in Latin due to the German speaking George, speaking little English and his ministers speaking little German.

His appointment was due to the Act of Settlement which ensured that there was a protestant line of succession to the throne which meant that we had seen the last of the Stuart monarchy with the death of Queen Anne.  The reign of King George I saw the forming of the role that is now known as the British Prime Minister.

Royal Mint engraver Emma Noble has used portraits of the King to inspire her design which prominently features the "periwig" which she had found to be a continual theme from her research.  As King George had also reigned during the fixing of the value of the guinea, the quarter- guinea is also included in the design.    

The obverse of the coin depicts an image of Her Majesty the Queen by Ian Rank- Broadley FRBS.

Gold Proof coin: Alloy 917 gold; Diameter 38.61mm; Weight 39.94g; Maximum coin mintage tba; Denomination £5

Silver Proof coin: Alloy 926 sterling silver; Diameter 38.61mm; Weight 28.28g; Maximum coin mintage tba; Denomination £5

Brilliant uncirculated coin: Alloy Cupro- nickel; Diameter 38.61mm; Weight 28.28g; Maximum coin mintage tba; Denomination £5

This issue is currently available for pre-ordering only.  Release date scheduled for the 30th September 2014