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Getting Married in Alderney

A civil marriage can take place in Alderney providing one of the parties to the marriage is resident in Alderney for at least 6 days in total. Marriages are solemnised by the Greffier who is the Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths. Enquiries and provisional bookings can be made at the Court Office.

Wedding Venues

The Marriage may take place in the Registrar's Office (the Courthouse) or in a building licensed to hold marriage ceremonies, which includes several hotels and public buildings. The ceremony can also be conducted in a private house by Special Licence.

The Court has no involvement with Marriages conducted by the Church of England, please contact the Church directly for further details.

Wedding Notice

Prior to getting married, Notice of the intention to marry is given to the Registrar at the Court Office.  There are three forms of marriage available, which vary in cost and the length of Notice required.

Marriage by Special Licence: One of the parties is resident in Alderney for 3 days, then gives Notice on the fourth day. The length of Notice is just one day (24 hours) - so the marriage can take place on the 6th day after arrival on Alderney.

Marriage by Licence: One of the parties is resident in Alderney for 7 days and then gives Notice 7 days before the Marriage.

Marriage by Certificate: One of the parties is resident in Alderney for 7 days and then gives Notice 21 days before the Marriage. The Notice for a Certificate is put up on the public notice board.

In all cases the wedding notice remains valid for 3 months from the time of giving notice.

Documents required

The Court Office requires the following documentation when Notice of intention to marry is given:

  • Original Full birth certificate (which gives the father's name)
  • For anyone who has been previously married: The decree absolute or death certificate of all previous spouses
  • Non-residents also need to bring in their passport
  • Payment is also taken at this time

The Court Office takes a certified copy of the documents presented and verifies the names, addresses and ages of the parties.

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony incorporates the vows, which are quite brief, and the parties may choose to have additional readings, music or speeches as they wish. At the ceremony the parties to the Marriage sign the Wedding book, together with 2 witnesses.  The marriage is inscribed on the Alderney Register of Marriage and the Certificate of Marriage can be collected from the Court Office after the Ceremony or posted to your address.