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Liquor Licensing

The Alderney Liquor Licensing Ordinance 1994 governs the procedure for selling alcohol in Alderney. As well as the Ordinance, the Court of Alderney has issued a Licensing Policy which they will take into account when dealing with licensing matters.

Any premises selling liquor in Alderney requires a Liquor Licence. The Licence may be held by one or two individuals or by a company or club. A Company or Club Licence may be held by one or two Designated Officials. The Court of Alderney can grant five different types of Liquor Licence, which attract varying fees. As well as the fee for the liquor licence, fees are payable for the licence application made to the Court.

  • Full Hotel Licence* - for an establishment with rooms, bar(s) and restaurant
  • Public House Licence* - a bar
  • Restaurant Licence - alcohol can only be served with a meal
  • Residential Hotel Licence - only residents can be served alcohol
  • Club Licence - Admittance is restricted to club members and their guests

*Only premises with a Full Hotel or Public House Licence may sell alcohol to be consumed off the premises.

Applying for a new licence

Renewing an existing Licence

Licensee leave of absence

Applying for a Special Licence

Changes to existing licences