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Registering a Death

To register a death, the undertaker brings the death certificate and the declaration of death to the Alderney Court Office. The attendant doctor provides the death certificate, whilst the declaration of death is filled in by a family member or the undertaker, giving details of the person who has died. The required number of Death Certificates and the burial permit are issued by the Court office. These are usually collected by the undertaker, who also organises for the payment of fees for the Certificates.

Where a sudden death has occurred, the death may be registered in one of the following ways:

  • After a post-mortem, with the Pathologist providing the Certificate of Death.
  • The Law Officers of the Crown may decide that an inquest is required due to the circumstances of the death.
  • The inquest is usually adjourned so that the funeral arrangements may go ahead without too much delay. The results of the inquest may not be available until sometime later and the death is registered after the inquest.
Names on the Death Certificate

The Alderney Death Certificate is issued in the Birth Name of the person who has died. In the case of a married woman this means that the Maiden Name will appear on the Certificate, followed by the words "widow of" or "wife of" her husband. The names of the deceased's parents are also required for the Death Certificate and similarly the mother's name appears as her maiden name.

Registration of Wills and Transferring Property
Inheritance of a jointly owned property: Survivorship

The survivor(s) of a jointly owned property should write to the Land Registrar at the Court Office, Queen Elizabeth II Street asking for the Land Register to be changed. A Death Certificate should be enclosed with the letter. There are no fees.

Will of Realty

The Will of Realty must be registered in the Court of Alderney before the property can be transferred. The beneficiary or an Advocate may apply to the Court with the original Will, Certificate of Death and the Court fees.  An Act of Court is produced, which is then used to register the transfer of the property. To transfer the property requires the Act of Court, together with a Land Registry Form A and a proof of identity Form C for each beneficiary and the current minimum level Registration Fee.

Will of Personalty

Where a property has been left to the Executors of the Will of Personalty, a probated copy of the will (showing it has been registered with the Ecclesiastical Court in Guernsey or in the appropriate jurisdiction) is required before the Will of Realty can be registered in the Court of Alderney.