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2015 - The 150th Anniversary of the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army

In 1865, William Booth witnessed the desperate poverty in Victorian London, and resolved to help those most in need.  Subsequently, an army of volunteers united and the Salvation Army was founded to bring "soup, soap and salvation" to the destitute in London's East End.  The Salvation Army has gone from strength to strength and remains as committed and relevant today as it was then.  The charity now has a presence in 126 countries and continues to provide guidance and support to vulnerable and marginalised people.

To recognise and celebrate 150 years of tireless work by Salvationists past and present Alderney, in conjunction with the Royal Mint, have issued these elegant and fitting coins.  Designed by Laura Clancy, these coins perfectly capture the spirit of charity.  The design features the iconic shield emblem; a symbol first adopted by volunteers tending to injured soldiers during the First World War, and is completed by a celebratory banner with the words "150 year anniversary".

This is the first time that The Salvation Army has been recognised with a coin.

The obverse of the coin depicts an image of Her Majesty the Queen by Ian Rank- Broadley FRBS.

Silver Proof coin: Alloy 925 sterling silver; Diameter 38.61mm; Weight 28.28g; Maximum coin mintage 1,500; Denomination £5

Brilliant uncirculated coin: Alloy Cupro- nickel; Diameter 38.61mm; Weight 28.28g; Maximum coin mintage unlimited; Denomination £5

This issue is currently available as an informative £5 Cupro-nickel presentation pack or as a cased £5 silver crown (with booklet)