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Press Release - Policy and Finance Committee December meeting

For immediate release: 1st December 2015

The States of Alderney Policy and Finance Committee met on 1st December 2015.

The full minutes will be published shortly and the following issue is worthy of note.



At its meeting today (1 December) the Policy & Finance Committee of the States of Alderney agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding with Aurigny and the Treasury and Resources Committee of the States of Guernsey, setting out service parameters for the year ahead. These include numbers of rotations (return flights) between Alderney and Guernsey and Southampton, price ranges and service levels. These should restore the numbers of seats on Alderney's two routes to the level last seen in 2013, before the much publicised problems changing from Trislanders to Dornier's disrupted flights.  To achieve this, the States of Alderney has agreed to underwrite an additional 2,400 seats on the two routes over and above Aurigny's 2014 levels, to a maximum of £50,000 from the Economic Development Reserve.

Chairman of Committee Neil Harvey said ' we are pleased to make this progress in achieving better service levels from Aurigny in future, underscored by the commitment of Treasury and Resources Committee and with strong monitoring and quarterly review mechanisms. Our challenge now is to fill the extra seats, which will not only benefit our tourism trade, but establish a good benchmark for a future Public Service Obligation exercise in the next 18 months.'

The full Memorandum of Understanding will be published once signed by all parties.


Financial Relationship Review

A draft report on this important project was considered by the Committee and fully endorsed by them. More detail still has to be worked out with Treasury and Resources in Guernsey, but it is hoped to finalise a submission to both States early in 2016.


The members of the Policy and Finance Committee are:

  • Neil Harvey (Chairman)
  • Matt Birmingham
  • Louis Jean
  • Graham McKinley
  • Robert McDowall (Deputy Chairman)
  • Norma Paris
  • Steve Roberts
  • Chris Rowley
  • Francis Simonet
  • Ian Tugby