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Press Release - Public Meeting on Financial Relationship Review

For immediate release: 25th January 2016

Public Meeting Monday 1st February 2016 at 7pm in the Island Hall

The Reports to the States of Guernsey and the States of Alderney on the Review of the Financial Relationship between Guernsey and Alderney

The above open public meeting will be chaired by the Chairman of Policy & Finance Committee Robert McDowall, and will be attended by Guernsey's Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Allister Langlois. Other Alderney States Members will also be present.

After a brief presentation of the key aspects of the report by Deputy Langlois, there will be an opportunity for oral questions on the report to be put to both politicians. The Report has been published in the Billet for debate in Guernsey on 16th February and in Alderney on 24th February.

The report presents the work of research carried out throughout 2015 into the broad financial flows between the Islands and reviews existing financial procedures in place. While concluding that the broad arrangements remain fit for purpose, the report does contain a number of recommendations for further improving financial procedures, and looks to the future to recommend how advantages to both islands could result from some modest changes to the current arrangements.

Bearing in mind the complex and inter-linked financial relationship between the islands, this is an important report for both islands. Islanders are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the public meeting, to hear the presentation and ask questions of the politicians who will be presenting the report to their respective States in both Islands.




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