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GGI report - HSSD/Dr Rory Lyons - Joint statement from Policy Council and Policy & Finance Committee

Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, Chief Minister and Chairman of the Policy Council of the States of Guernsey, and Robert McDowall, Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee of the States of Alderney commented:

"This review was co-commissioned by the Policy Council and the Policy & Finance Committee to look at the governance and decision-making in relation to a specific concern that had been raised, and to see what lessons could be learned.

"The conclusions and recommendations are detailed and also clear, and we will await the response to them from the Health and Social Services Department in due course.

"We are mindful that we must exercise a duty of care to all in our community - to Dr Lyons, to the families in Alderney, to healthcare professionals in Guernsey and Alderney, and to those contributors who are named in the report. Further, the primary purpose of the review was to inform the States of Alderney and the States of Guernsey as to how HSSD handled particular issues surrounding the clinical practice of Mr Lyons in Alderney, and not to seek to apportion blame to individuals.

"For this reason and for ease of reference, we are publishing the executive summary of the review on the States of Guernsey website by following this link, and full copies of the report are available from the Island Hall States Offices in Alderney and from Sir Charles Frossard House in St Peter Port."

Notes for editors

  1. The review has been independently written and produced by the Good Governance Institute, who were co-commissioned by the Policy & Finance Committee in Alderney and the Policy Council in Guernsey.

  2. All those interviewed gave their time freely, and the Policy & Finance Committee and the Policy Council thank them for that.

  3. Contributors to the review did have opportunities to view a draft of the report on two occasions and to make comments based on factual accuracy. While some of those comments were reflected in the final draft, some were not as the GGI felt that they did not triangulate with other comments that were made. Those were judgements solely for the GGI.

  4. Copies of the full report for interested parties are available from the States of Alderney building and from Sir Charles Frossard House in St Peter Port. Given that the report mentions individuals and also health professionals by job title, editors are reminded that before publishing or broadcasting any part of the main report they should take appropriate legal advice.

  5. For ease of reference, the executive summary of the review can be found here.