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Press Release - Bumblebee Service Returning to Alderney

For immediate release: 31 March 2016

The Policy & Finance Committee (P&F) and Bumblebee Marine Ltd are delighted to announce that the ferry service linking Alderney and Guernsey will be returning from May-September, with two day trips/week, and further sailings over Alderney Week.

While the reintroduction of this service will only be possible with a modest level of subsidy from the Island's Economic Development Fund, P&F considered that the overall economic benefits for the island in 2016 would significantly exceed the subsidy.

The Chairman of P&F, Robert McDowall commented as follows:- "We are delighted to see the return of this important transport link for this summer. While this arrangement is for 2016 only, it will enable the States to consider an integrated transport policy (covering air and sea routes) and review all options for such services in the longer term. With Bumblebee we have an incumbent small passenger ferry operator who has a proven track record both in running a scheduled service linking Guernsey and Alderney, and in responding positively to requests for additional help during the Island's busiest times during Alderney Week, and when fog has caused disruption to air transport. Clearly Bumblebee represents the best option we have for getting a ferry service back in place for this summer to avoid any further damage to the island's important tourist industry.

This is a significant boost for tourism in Alderney this year. I also hope that as many local people as possible will support this service this year as well, so that we can really see if we have enough interest and support from islanders to continue with a viable ferry service in future."

Managing Director of Bumblebee Marine, Dan Meinke, said:- "We are very pleased with this vote of confidence from the States of Alderney and happy that this will mean the revival of our excellent relationship with the island. We shall be working closely with VisitAlderney to develop tourist numbers on the route."



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