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Public Consultation - Longis Reserve Management Plan 2017-2021 and Ramsar Management Strategy 2017-2021

The public consultation for both the draft Longis Reserve Management Plan and the draft Ramsar Management Strategy will run over the next 10 weeks from 21st November 2016 until 30th January 2017. This is your chance to have a say on our plans for the Ramsar site and Longis Reserve over the next 5 years.

Public Presentations on the Ramsar Strategy and the Longis Management Plan will be held on 29th November and 6th December at the AWT office so you can come and find out what it is all about and ask us any questions you might have.

Copies of the documents are available to read at the Island Hall, in the Library and at the AWT office along with response forms for you to submit your comments. Both documents and comments forms can also be downloaded from the AWT website.

The consultation process will end with an open session held at the AWT office on 30th January 2017 during which we will welcome any further comments and answer any questions you might have.

Please submit your responses to Mariko Whyte at or Abbie Ferrar at or drop them in to the AWT office.

Key dates:

29th November 2016: Public Presentation on the Ramsar Strategy 2017-2021 (AWT Office, 5.30pm) - Abbie Ferrar

6th December 2016: Public Presentation on the Longis Management Plan 2017-2021 (AWT Office, 5.30pm) - Mariko Whyte

30th January 2017: Open session for both Plans marking the end of the consultation period (AWT Office, 9am-5pm).


The AWT has a standard process agreed with the States of Alderney through which it delivers long term joint strategies for sites.

This consists of:

  1. Drafting of a 5-year strategy 
  2. Presentation of the draft to the relevant SoA Committee
  3. After outline approval, the draft is presented to the public and key stakeholders for a 10 week consultation period during which all interested parties are encouraged to submit their comments in response to the draft plans.
  4. Consultation responses are integrated where appropriate into the strategy and all responses are listed for States Members to review
  5. Final draft is presented to Committee for consideration, updating and ratification.
  6. Once a 5 year plan is ratified, it is enacted through annual action plans.  These are prepared by AWT staff and directors, but are put before Committee for approval.  As part of this approval process a report is presented to the Committee on the results of the of the previous years' work including its successes and failures.


Longis Reserve Management Plan 2017 - 2021

There has not been a formal management plan in place for the Longis Reserve since the original three year plan produced at its inception in 2003. The 2017-2021 plan aims to formalise our aims and management priorities for the Longis Reserve area over the next 5 years and give us, the states and other stakeholders a mechanism to measure our achievements and ensure that we are meeting our aims. (link to page on website)

Alderney West Coast and Burhou Islands Ramsar Site Management Strategy 2012 - 2016

This will be the third 5 year Management Strategy since the designation of the Ramsar site in 2005.  The strategic aims for this 5 year management strategy are: -

  • For the majority of the island population to view the Ramsar Site designation as facilitating the positive management of Alderney's resources.

  • To work with other Ramsar sites to develop a steering group in order to unify the Channel Islands through development of a Channel Islands Ramsar Group.

  • To maintain long term datasets relating to the biodiversity of the Ramsar Site.