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Open Planning Meetings


  1. Open planning meetings may be attended by the public and media.

  2. Lobbying of Committee members is not permitted

  3. The agenda for the meeting, the applications and accompanying drawings and documents will be published five working days before the meeting.

  4. The first item at the meeting will be to ratify planning officer decisions to approve planning applications under the fast track procedure. These are uncontentious, minor applications which comply with law and policy, where no representations have been received.

  5. The planning officer will introduce each application to be decided by the Building & Development Control Committee.

  6. The Chairman will invite any third party who has submitted a representation against the application and/or complied with the requirements to give advance notice, to address the meeting. The Committee members may ask questions.

  7. The applicant and/or their agent are entitled to address the meeting to expand and explain their application. Any third party who has given notice, to speak for the application, may also address the meeting.  The Committee members may ask questions.

  8. Speakers shall not comment further unless requested by the Chairman.

  9. Members of the Committee will vote, whether to approve, reject or approve with conditions attached. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman may use a casting vote. The Committee may defer an application

  10. The time limit for persons speaking is four minutes

  11. Where more than one speaker is speaking either for or against the application, speakers must avoid unnecessary repetition.

  12. Speakers must not submit any additional written submissions or other material.

  13. Oral submissions should be confined to matters relevant to planning and to the application.  Speakers are advised to avoid making personal remarks which might be construed as defamatory,

  14. Any person who behaves in a manner which is disruptive to the open planning meeting will be required to leave by the Chairman.

  15. The Chairman or Vice Chairman presiding at a particular open planning meeting may, in exceptional circumstances, alter, waive or vary the procedures


7th February 2017