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Land Use Plan 2017 - Draft


Phase 1 of the Land Use Plan was completed in 2016 for housing and the Building Area. On 12 June 2017 the Building and Development Control Committee completed phase 2 and has approved a completely new comprehensive Land Use Plan. It proposes to lay this new Land Use Plan 2017 which replaces the existing, before the States of Alderney for approval. Mr. Michael Hurley BA (Hons) DipTP, has been appointed by the President as Inspector to hold a Planning Inquiry in Public, to consider the Land Use Plan and to hear any representation or objection made by any person and to report his recommendations.

The public inquiry will commence on 4 September 2017 at the Island Hall and is expected to continue until 22 September 2017. Any person wishing to make a representation or offer an objection to the Plan may do so in writing addressed to the Planning Inspector C/o the Planning office at the Island Hall, Alderney or by email to before noon on Monday the 14th August 2017.  The following Land use Plan documents, alongside supporting documents, will be considered at the Public Inquiry are available for downloaded:

Land Use Plan 2017 - Easy to Use

pdf icon Easy to Use Alderney Land Use Plan 2017 [19Mb]

Land Use Plan 2017 - Full Version

pdf icon Alderney Land Use Plan 2017 [19Mb]

Call For Sites Assessment - Easy to Use

pdf icon Easy to Use LUP Call for Sites Assesment [21Mb]

Call For Sites Assessment - Full Version

pdf icon LUP Call for Sites Assesment [24Mb]

Economic Development Strategy 

pdf icon LUP2017_EconomicDevelopmentStrategy [17Mb]

Natural Environment Strategy

pdf icon LUP2017_NaturalEnvironmentStrategy_v2 [4Mb]

Built Environment Strategy

pdf icon LUP2017_BuiltEnvironmentHeritageStrategy [243kb]

Statutory Guidance - Environmental Impact Assessment

pdf icon Environmental Impact Assessment Statutory Guidance [400kb]

Statutory Guidance - Major Projects

pdf icon Major Projects Statutory Guidance [880kb]

A draft Building and Development Control (Alderney) (Amendment) (No .2) Ordinance 2017 will published for consultation at a later date.

Four short VIDEOS explaining the Land Use Plan are also available to view by clicking on the links below.

Full Video - 2017 Alderney Land Use Plan
Overview - 2017 Alderney Land Use Plan
Economic Strategy - 2017 Alderney Land Use Plan
Environmental Strategy - 2017 Alderney Land Use Plan
Infrastructure and Community Life - 2017 Alderney Land Use Plan

Public inquiry Appointment Notice 

pdf icon Gazette notice [122kb]