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Expressions of Interest for BDCC Membership

The States is seeking expressions of interest from people, ideally with relevant planning or related experience to be considered for appointment to the Building and Development Control Committee. The closing date for submissions being Monday, 10 July 2017. Applications please by email to or letter to Chief Executive's Office, Island Hall, Alderney and should include a short CV.

The following criteria will be considered in assessing candidates

  • Objectivity and integrity
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Relevant qualification eg Planning, Surveying, Engineering, Architecture or Law
  • Relevant prior experience in land and property development matters
  • Experience serving on public and no-for-profit bodies
  • Absence of any significant (perceived or actual) conflicts of interest
  • Experience making significant judgements in contentious matters

Anyone seeking additional information is invited to contact the Planning Officer or the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of the Building and Development Control Committee.

**(Supplementary Information below)

Supplementary Information


Any person appointed must fully understand and implement this as a quasi-judicial role.

There is a need to understand that they will not be engaged to make decisions on the basis of any personal preference or conviction, rather (whilst applying their professional knowledge, experience and insight) they must assess evidence presented to them by the parties and reach well-reasoned and justifiable conclusions.

Assessment of potential members

The assessment process will normally have regard to the following:

  • Professional qualifications (preferably including membership of a professional body involved in the planning and/or land development);
  • Knowledge of the legal/administrative environment.

Current and recent experience

Candidates should be able to demonstrate relevant experience in their areas of expertise.

Such experience should be set out in an up to date curriculum vitae.

Additional skills and competencies

The responsibilities of a non-States Member serving on the Committee are considerable, and therefore, a good measure of relevant professional competence is sought.

The main criteria for appointment are based on relevant professional qualifications and experience, and a range of additional skills/knowledge prescribed as follows:

  • An understanding of the principles of land use planning and development control.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and writing
  • Able to deal with different personality dynamics and 'real world' problems;
  • Understands policy intentions/landscape as well as legal implications.

Removal from the Committee

Non-States Members on the Committee must recognise the high standards of public office which are associated with such a position.

In the unlikely event that a non-States Member's conduct is considered by the States to have fallen below such standards or there are other reasons why the position is not considered to remain appropriate they can be removed at the absolute discretion of the States of Alderney.