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Land Use Plan 2017 - Call for Sites


The Call for Sites was open between 07 October and 18 November 2016. The
following information was requested though the Call for Sites:

(a) site details, including its existing boundary, use(s) and ownership.

(b) details of the proposed use(s) and the reason(s) for its nomination; and

(c) the suitability, availability and achievability of the site for the suggested

The assessment also included four sites which were submitted as part of the Phase
1 Call for Sites but were deferred due to their non-residential proposed uses.
These sites were either assessed on the basis of their original Phase 1 submission
or a revised submission, depending on the preferences of the site promoter.

Some of the submissions partially or fully overlap with other received
submissions. In these cases, the proposed use for the site has been assessed in
isolation but the relevant overlapping submissions have been highlighted in the
assessment. Where a single submission suggested alternative proposals or uses for
the same site, each proposal or use has been treated as a separate submission and
assessed separately.

Following submission, it was necessary in a limited number of circumstances to
request additional information from the submitter in order to carry out the
assessment. This was done through issuing a tailored proforma, for return by the
submitter Submitterswere provided with a minimum of three weeks to respond to the additional
information request. Where additional information was received it was
incorporated into the assessment even when received after the deadline for receipt
of additional information.

More infomation on the Call for Sites assesment can be found in the call for sites document below:

pdf icon LUP Call for Sites Assesment [24Mb]

Below is a linked table of the induvidual call for sites assesments:

NamePA No.D Ref.
pdf icon Albert Chambers, The Arsenal [1Mb]PA085D81
pdf icon Alderney Airport [1023kb]PA084D284
pdf icon Alderney Comunity Woodland [1Mb]PA091D109
pdf icon Alderney West Coast and Burhou Island Ramsar Site [802kb]PA092D112
pdf icon Area of land at La Corvee [1Mb]PA079D60
pdf icon Bat species protected areas [1Mb]PA094D121
pdf icon Battery Quary, Newtown [999kb]PA052D242
pdf icon Belle Vue hotel, butes Road [1004kb]PA122a / 122bD211 / 217
pdf icon Bibette Head [998kb]PA100D139
pdf icon Blaye Wall [923kb]PA093D115
pdf icon Cambridge Battery and Battery No.1 Tourgis [1Mb]PA102D145
pdf icon Cashliere and Artillery Comanders Bunker [949kb]PA103D151
pdf icon Chateau L'Etoc [1002kb]PA125D233
pdf icon Commercial Quay, Harbour [967kb]SA064D263
pdf icon Crusher Site [1Mb]SA068D272
pdf icon Football Club,pitch and area [1013kb]SA051D239
pdf icon Former site of Lager Borkum [1Mb]PA073D42
pdf icon Former site of Lager Helgoland [1Mb]PA074D45
pdf icon Former site of Lager Norderney [1Mb]PA075 / 111D48 / 178
pdf icon Former site of Lager Sylt [1Mb]PA076 / 114D54 / 187
pdf icon Fort Albert and Bunkers and Tunnel and Field [1015kb]PA104D154
pdf icon Fort Albert [1Mb]PA123D223
pdf icon Fort Doyle, Platte Saline [1023kb]SA056D248
pdf icon Fort Gronez [1Mb]SA066 / PA107D266 / D166
pdf icon Fort Houmet Herbe [1Mb]PA105D160
pdf icon Fort les Hommeaux Florains [942kb]PA061D21
pdf icon Freshwater bodies [864kb]PA096D127
pdf icon Glenhurst, Longis Road [991kb]PA124D230
pdf icon Gravel works [1007kb]PA106D163
pdf icon Green spaces in St. Anne Val Field [1Mb]PA060D18
pdf icon Gun Pits with associated bunkers of Battery Giffoine [1Mb]PA099D136
pdf icon Harbour Office [1Mb]PA101D142
pdf icon Historic watermill, Bonne Terre [1009kb]PA055D15
pdf icon Hospital Bunker, Longis Rd [1023kb]PA108D169
pdf icon Internal waters and land between Corblets Bay and Longis Bay (FAB Link) [1Mb]PA088D69
pdf icon La Corvee [1008kb]PA050a / 050bD6 / 9
pdf icon Land at Courtil Liage [1Mb]PA065D33
pdf icon Land at Les Rochers [1Mb]PA086D87
pdf icon Land at Mannez Quarry (ARE onshore development) [1Mb]PA087D90
pdf icon Land at Mannez Quarry_SA059 069_D257 275 [1Mb]SA059 / 069D257 / 275
pdf icon Land at Platte Saline Common [995kb]SA058D254
pdf icon Land at Valongis [1Mb]PA080a / 080bD63 / 66
pdf icon Land opposite Braye Beach [1023kb]PA120D208
pdf icon Land Opposite Kiln Farm [1Mb]SA053 / 070D245 / 281
pdf icon Land west of Les Rochers and east of Water Lane [1Mb]PA062D24
pdf icon Les Mouriaux Garage, Carriere Viront [957kb]PA049D3
pdf icon Longis Anti-Tank Wall and Bunker and Nunnery [1Mb]PA109D172
pdf icon Longis Common [1Mb]PA077 / 110D54 / 175
pdf icon Longis Nature Reserve [913kb]PA089D103
pdf icon Mannez Quarry and Longis [966kb]PA063D27
pdf icon Protected Zone [896kb]PA098D133
pdf icon Recycling Centre, Glacis [1Mb]SA057D251
pdf icon Route de Carriers, Longis [1Mb]PA112D181
pdf icon Saye Arch Tunnel [1005kb]PA113D184
pdf icon Saye Farm Cottages, Saye Bay [1Mb]PA118a / 118b / 119D119 / 202 / 205
pdf icon The Airport Business Park, Le Grand Val [998kb]PA082D72
pdf icon The Glacis, The Harbour [1Mb]PA083a / 83b / 067D75 / 78 / 269
pdf icon The Nunnery [971kb]PA097D130
pdf icon The Val Field and land adjoining Le Val Road and the Val Car Park [1Mb]PA054D12
pdf icon Trenches above Fort Doyle [1020kb]PA115D190
pdf icon V1 site [1Mb]PA126D236
pdf icon Vau du Saou Nature Reserve [997kb]PA090D106
pdf icon White Cottage, Rue de la Saline [1Mb]PA071 / 072 / 078 / 081D36 / 39 / 57 / 69
pdf icon Whitegates Bunker [1Mb]PA116D193
pdf icon Woodland areas [869kb]PA095D124
pdf icon York Hill, Crabby [1Mb]PA117D196

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