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Land Use Plan & Law - 17.01.2018

Adoption of the Land Use Plan and Associated Changes


The Building and Development Control Committee have finalised their revisions to the draft land use Plan 2017 following the Inspectors report received last September. It will be publishing the revised plan with a response to the Inspector report with a list of changes it has made to the draft plan on 5th February for States debate in March 2018.

The Committee have today published a policy paper setting out the Committee's response to the public consultation on July 2017 green paper on associated legislative changes. The Policy letter may be downloaded via the following link. pdf icon Policy Letter 18 Jan [69kb]

The public responses to the green paper, redacted of all personal information, may also be accessed via the following link. pdf icon Letters of Representation [240kb]

The Committee have also published the proposed secondary legislative changes for final consultation. These include detailed Planning Exemptions (revised consequent on the proposal for the States and public utilities to make planning applications). pdf icon Exemptions Ordinance [530kb]

Also planning application fees which will only effect major planning applications to ensure the Committee has the resources to more evaluate these larger applications. (Small householder application fees are unchanged). pdf icon Fee update 2018 [61kb]

The Committee will also be publishing a revised statutory (procedural) guidance applicable for major projects in February.


17 January 2018