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Swimming Pool communique 18 04 19

Alderney Community Sports Centre (ACSC)


Joint Communique issued by the Alderney Community Sports Centre and the States of Alderney on the Swimming Pool

Alderney Community Sports Centre Trust (ACSCT) have been developing a new strategy over the last few months to be able to complete the swimming pool aspect of the swim/gym. The gym is now in a state where it is ready to open. The ACSCT has been taking a twin tracked approach to facilitate completion.

The first approach has been to work with the States of Alderney to develop a revised funding plan and business plan. Both of these are critical in seeking to secure the significant level of additional funding that is required to complete the project. The ACSCT has been very much encouraged by the positive engagement from the States of Alderney in developing these plans. The States of Alderney has underwritten the costs of the due diligence surveys of the development to date and the proposed business plan for the future running of the swim/gym complex.

The Guernsey based engineering group WT Partnership were commissioned to undertake the due diligence surveys which included a full survey of the building. They valued the structure at £850,000 which is good news because it highlights the tremendous value added by all those who have contributed to the scheme so far. However, WT Partnership did identify some structural issues which need to be resolved before the project can move to the next stage.

The second approach centres on reviewing the design for the pool, and in particular the water filtration system. This proposed design change has no effect on the usability of the pool in terms of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) standards for a 25m pool nor the health and safety standards as defined by the Guernsey Education department and the UK Health and Safety executive (HSE). However, it will reduce the capital cost of the project and it will be more efficient in terms of its ongoing running costs. Whilst the delay to the project has been disappointing, the ACSCT has used the opportunity to decide on the design and installation of this more environmentally efficient system which will help to reduce the funding gap.

The ACSCT appreciates the financial pressures that the States of Alderney is under and is aware that any additional funding requested from the States of Alderney would have to be taken to the States of Guernsey for their approval. The case to be put forward would need to show that due thought and examination of the facility and the operational plans has taken place. The ACSCT also recognises that additional community fund-raising would help to strengthen the case for investment by the States of Alderney.

Once all parties are satisfied that current issues have been resolved, the ACST and the States of Alderney look forward to being able to make further progress as soon as possible.