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Press Release - Aurigny closes Operation Control 24.04.2019

For immediate release: 24th April 2019

Aurigny to close its Operational Control Centre in Alderney

The States of Alderney has expressed anger and distress after the announcement that Aurigny are to close its Operational Control Centre in Alderney with the loss of seven jobs.

James Dent, Chairman of Policy & Finance hit out at reports that Aurigny are outsourcing the work to a Gatwick based company.  "Aurigny's decision is baffling and is a serious setback for Alderney.  Once again, the managerial leadership in this company has acted against the interests of its owner and Alderney's community. It's time these people were held to account."

Mr Dent pointed out that the job loss was significant for a small island community.  The States were not forewarned or consulted about the move and it is understood that the States of Guernsey, Aurigny's owner, was not aware.

Mr Dent called for Aurigny's CEO, Mark Darby to be called to an urgent public scrutiny panel of the States of Deliberation.  "Recent actions by Mr Darby appear to demonstrate his contempt towards the community he is supposed to serve.  It's time this hostility was confronted and dealt with."