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Press Release - Tidal Energy 13.01.2020

ATEG seeks tidal power advice

An independent energy and climate change expert is to advise the States of Alderney on proposed electricity supply from tidal resources.

Professor Abubakr Bahaj from Southampton University's Energy & Climate Change Division is scheduled to meet with States of Alderney representatives to give an independent evaluation of the Simec Atlantis project in the Alderney Race ahead of Alderney Electricity's power purchase proposal, due early 2020.

The Alderney Tidal Energy Group (ATEG) has noted concerns about environmental impact and that tidal energy investment is not yet evident. It also wants to build formal links with Southampton University on the subject of tidal energy.

Meanwhile, ATEG is contacting the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Project which has a consortium of developers and academics looking into tidal power in the English Channel. Its Tidal Stream Industrial Energiser Project, known as TIGER, has the potential for EU funding and membership would give Alderney access to high-level discussions.