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Press Release - Ambulance Praise 15.1.20

High praise for Alderney ambulance volunteers

Alderney's President, William Tate, has paid tribute to the volunteers who stepped up to man the island's ambulance service over the festive season.

"There was no shortage of volunteers and in my view this speaks volumes about our community," he said at the States of Alderney meeting on January 14. "We owe them a great debt of gratitude."

James Dent, Chairman of Policy & Finance, told the States meeting: "I think we should all express our sincere thanks to those who have stepped forward to ensure this safe service."

The States of Alderney took over the running of the Service in December when the Board of Alderney Ambulance Service Ltd said it was no longer able to provide a safe and sustainable ambulance service following an independent review.

The States appealed for volunteers to work with the island's medical and emergency service professionals to operate a safe 24/7 service - 14 volunteers were trained to enable the service to operate under the leadership of the Chief Fire and Rescue Officer.

There were 17 call outs over the two-week holiday period including a suspected heart attack, broken bones, head injuries and patient transfers for medevac.

A review meeting last week received comments about the service from the professional partners, on and off the island. Clinical professionals and police have fed back that a calm, effective and safe teamwork was displayed by the new volunteers and they have been "outstanding". Other comments included: The crew's attitude to patients has been nothing short of exemplary. They are efficient, kind and compassionate. Their skills with splinting broken bones, lifting and carrying, combined with identifying situations beyond their medical capabilities, proves that this new team has situational awareness, without over-estimating their abilities. Knowing when to ask more senior clinicians for help is essential for any emergency service.

The Mignot Memorial Hospital as also reported seeing a significant improvement in care and Nursing staff have fed back that the new ambulance crew have been outstanding and very professional, highly effective, and very good with patients. Response times are excellent.

The stakeholder group is now working with the civil service on proposals to take the ambulance service forward in 2020.

Are you available to help this community initiative? We are seeking further volunteer support, whether as a crew member, administration role, cleaner etc.

If you are available please contact Mark Gaudion - or Sally Ireland -