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Press Release - Committee Elections 15.01.2020

States of Alderney Committee Elections

The States of Alderney Annual Meeting on January 14 confirmed the following appointments to its Committees for 2020:

Policy and Finance: James Dent (Chairman), Graham McKinley, Annie Burgess, Mike Dean, David Earl, Kevin Gentle, Christian Harris, Louis Jean, Steve Roberts, Alex Snowdon.

General Services: Graham McKinley (Chairman), Annie Burgess, Steve Roberts, Mike Dean, Christian Harris, Kevin Gentle.

Building & Development Control: Mike Dean (Chairman), Annie Burgess, Alex Snowden, Kevin Gentle.

Alex Snowden and Steve Roberts were re-elected to sit in the Guernsey States of Deliberation, with David Earl and Graham McKinley appointed as alternative representatives.

Alderney Branch Management Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association: Annie Burgess, James Dent, Graham McKinley. The President is Ex-officio Chairman.

Kevin Gentle was re-elected as Representative on St Anne's School Management Committee.

James Dent was elected Vice President.

The following were elected to the Code of Conduct Review Panel for three years: Peter Allen, Peter Cunningham, Helen McGregor, Matthew Birmingham and Donald Hughes.