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Press Release - Environmental Objectives

'We will protect and value our environment'

Alderney's 10 politicians have united behind a pledge to protect the island's unique natural environment. They want to do this through conservation, protection, education and by using sustainable resources.

Their objectives include improving the built environment and retaining a "sense of place, culture and distinctive local identity."

The 10 members of Policy & Finance also reaffirmed their commitment to the Blue Islands Charter, drawn up and signed by visiting representatives of similar and likeminded islands in Alderney last year.

The Charter includes control and reduction of negative environmental impacts and ultimately a complete ban on single-use plastics entering the island and harming the precious marine environment.

P&F's pledges also include:

  • Adhering to its comprehensive Land Use Plan to the benefit of current and future generations, updating it if necessary, especially developing its biodiversity theme
  • Establishing a renewable energy policy to create a more sustainable energy supply with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Decreasing waste, especially plastics, with responsible disposal in line with similar island communities
  • Reviewing options for a more coordinated and consistent recycling programme
  • Protecting land and marine habitats and species, including establishing and maintaining legal protection
  • Continuing to improve water quality

"We are hoping these changes will result in many positive improvements in our environmental footprint," said States Member Annie Burgess. "As an example we have been holding ongoing workshops with local businesses, with help from Alderney Wildlife Trust and the Chamber of Commerce, to find ways of reducing our use of plastics. As ever with

the support of our wonderful community, Alderney can really embrace these positive changes to help safeguard the future."

The policy now goes to the next States of Alderney meeting for debate and ratification.