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Press Release - Ambulance Service

Island leaders debate the future of Alderney's Ambulance Service

Alderney's elected Members have considered a number of options for the island's ambulance service following the decision in December last year by Alderney Ambulance Service Ltd (AASL) that it could no longer provide a safe service.

The island's governing Policy & Finance Committee has asked for business proposals to be drawn up for three models of the Ambulance Service.

One option is to develop the current temporary States-run service into a permanent stand-alone service for the Island. A second option is for it to work as an integrated emergency service alongside the Fire Service.

The third option would see the establishment of a new company structure to run the ambulance service which would be similar to the approach of AASL until December last year when the Board of that company decided it could not continue.

States Members considered six different approaches taking into account service quality, sustainability and cost. A Stakeholder Group has advised the States of Alderney that it considers the best option would be the States-run service combined with the Fire Service.

The Stakeholder Group has the involvement of health practitioners on the Island including the Island Medical Centre, the Mignot Memorial Hospital, Police, representatives of the St John Ambulance Service and the Independent Reviewer, Richard Webber.

A detailed report will be brought to a future Policy & Finance Committee meeting.

James Dent, Alderney's Chairman of Policy & Finance, said: "The States is determined that the island should have an efficient ambulance service that meets stringent safety standards and the Committee has now asked for detailed proposals before reaching such an important decision.

"Should each of the options be deemed to provide similar levels of safety and efficiency, operating costs will be an important additional consideration."