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VE 75 Celebrations Friday 8th May

Press Release re VE 75 Celebrations Friday 8th May

Press Release from the President's Office


V E Day Celebrations to be broadcast on Quay FM at 10am on Friday 8th May

When we were planning our celebrations for V E Day several months ago, little did we think we would be in the position we find ourselves in today.


In addition to the celebrations which were to coincide with the UK, we had also intended to have a "street party" in the grounds of the Island Hall to which the whole community were to be invited.


Circumstances have regrettably meant that we have had to reconsider our plans. However, using the usual Alderney spirit, we have found an alternative way to celebrate the milestone, whilst recognising the restrictions on our movements which we are experiencing at the present time.


Building on the important and successful relationship with Quay FM we will have a celebration which will be broadcast live, in order to reach as many of the community as possible. We will be having all the formal elements which we would have had, together with some Alderney-centric personal contributions


I am sure that it will not only celebrate the momentous day in 1945 but will also further demonstrate our ability, as a community, to come together and overcome whatever challenges life throws at us.


Please take part.




29th April 2020