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Press Release - Covid - Phase 4 Group Activities 02.06.2020

Group activities and social gatherings under Phase 4

Group activities and gatherings of up to 30 people are now permitted following the easing of lockdown restrictions under Phase 4 of the Bailiwick's exit strategy. Social distancing and hygiene guidance must be observed.

An organisation may host a group, class, event or social gathering of up to 30 individuals at any one time, while up to 50 people can now attend weddings and funerals.
Contact sports are not permitted at this time, but non-contact group training for these sports may take place.

Organisers of these events and gatherings are asked to keep a list of those attending with names and contact details in order to assist the 'track and trace' team in the event of a positive case of Covid-19 being identified on the island.

These are considered 'controlled' environments in which one-metre social distancing should be observed at all times. No one should attend if they are feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms of the disease. If food is being served, plates and utensils should not be shared, while regularly cleaned toilet and hygiene facilities should be provided and used by only one person at a time.

Organisers of choral and musical activities are asked to carefully assess the virus-spreading risks associated with these activities and maintain two-metre distancing, especially bearing in mind the vulnerable and elderly.

Individuals should avoid sharing equipment, and items must be disinfected between uses in accordance with Public Health standards. Where numerous groups are using a shared space, enhanced environmental hygiene measures should also be implemented to avoid potential contamination between groups.

Meanwhile, household repairs and maintenance plus home visits for professional appointments are also now allowed, subject to appropriate controls. Social distancing should be maintained between the householders and those attending.

This should not take place if the resident or those attending has or has had any symptoms consistent with Covid-19 within the last 48 hours; if anyone in the household is under a compulsory isolation order; if anyone in the household is continuing to shield following the advice of a medical professional.

Detailed guidance is available at