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Harbour Office - Water Taxi

Water Taxi Service

Due to the unprecedented nature of the 2020 summer season, the States of Alderney will be providing a limited water taxi service to local boat owners and visiting yachtsman. Operational parameters for the service are outlined below:

Access to vessels moored in Braye Harbour

Boat owners requiring access to their vessels must pre book the water taxi by contacting the driver or the Harbour Office via one of the below methods:

Text or call the Taxi Driver on 07781 121 046

Visiting vessels

Visiting vessels will also be required to pre-book, however will be possible via the use of VHF radio Channel 73.

Return voyages must be pre-arranged with the water taxi driver whilst passengers are being carried ashore.

Hours of service

Monday to Thursday 0800 -2200 BST

Friday - Sunday 0800 - 0000 BST

Delays of up to 15 minutes may be expected - prior booking is advisable.

For the remainder of 2020 the water taxi service will be provided free of charge to all customers.

Call or TEXT 07781 121 046 to book in advance.