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Press Release - Harbour fishing access 06.08.20

Fishing access to Commercial Quay

From Sunday August 9th, Alderney's Commercial Quay will be open to local fishermen on weekends, and weekdays from 5pm-9am except Wednesday*.

Access to the lower berth will be through the gate next to the ferry waiting room and along a pathway to the east of the dock area. There remains no access through the main commercial quay gate.

Access is at visitors' own risk and the wearing of a suitable lifejacket is recommended. Disabled access can be arranged.

Full details and conditions together with a map showing the access route are available on the attached document from the Harbour Authority which has been working to reopen the quay for fishing and other safe recreational activities while complying with security and safety codes.

* Wednesday is the scheduled unloading of the supply vessel on its return from Guernsey. This is subject to change if the unloading day is changed for any reason, or if a large vessel is scheduled to dock during the times the quay is normally open to the public.