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Press Release - Stranded Dutch yacht 10.08.20

Team assist stranded Dutch yacht

The islands multi-agency operational group were in action again this weekend following a
grounding of a Dutch yacht off Raz at Longis Bay.

On Saturday, the Border Agency and Harbour Office made contact with the Yachtsman who
was found to be safe and well. A joint rescue mission was planned and in the meantime the
sailor complied with local regulations and remained onboard. Later that evening, the next
high tide, the vessel was successfully floated and brought to the self-isolation moorings in
the Harbour for safety and further checks.

On Sunday the Harbour Office with Dr Julie Hunt from Island Medical Centre undertook a
further health and welfare check of the sailor.

Emergency travel exemption were also arranged to allow Access Challenger to return the
sailor to France. The vessel will be lifted and stored by the Harbour Office until further
arrangements have been made.

The situation was monitored throughout the weekend and as always Covid-19 procedures
followed. A huge thank you to all those involved.

The multi-agency operational group have worked continuously and tirelessly since the start
of the pandemic and will continue to do so to protect our island and it's residents.