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Press Release - Transplant Law 11.09.2020

Alderney supports 'deemed consent' transplant law

The States of Alderney has given its backing to a new Bailiwick law allowing 'deemed consent' for organ donation.

Otherwise known as a 'soft opt-out' system, the premise will be that all islanders are prepared to donate their organs when they die unless they have requested to be removed from the organ donor register, either totally or with respect to particular organs.

Guernsey's States of Deliberation agreed in November 2018 to introduce 'deemed consent' and asked for Alderney's opinion - islanders were consulted and a majority of the responses were in favour.

Earlier this year, Health & Social Care asked if Alderney wished to be included under the Human Tissue and Transplantation (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2020 passed by Guernsey in June.

The default legal position now shifts from one where organ donation requires specific consent to one where adults who have not registered their preference are deemed to have given consent.

The new law details what can and cannot be done, and by whom, in relation to regulated organ donation and sets out the criteria that must be met in order to proceed with organ donation on a deemed consent basis.

Central to the system will be ensuring that sensitive processes are in place both to enable all islanders to have the opportunity to record an opt out decision clearly and for families to be consulted before any organs are taken.