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  • Code of Conduct hearing Report 17 September 2020

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Code of Conduct hearing Report 17 September 2020

Findings of the Members Conduct Review Panel
17th September 1030hrs Court Office

After due consideration it was the unanimous finding of the panel that Mr Dean had breached the Code of Conduct for States Members.

In relation to the complaint that Mr Dean failed to declare a pecuniary interest prior to chairing the BDCC committee meeting of 28/11/19, the Panel noted:

  1. Mr Dean confirmed he is aware of the Code of Conduct and in particular paragraph 4.2.5 which relates to a pecuniary interest.
  2. Mr Dean confirmed the property in which he has a pecuniary interest (Quatrieme) is physically adjacent to the property under consideration by BDCC.

In failing to declare his interest Mr Dean was found to be in breach of para 4.3.1 of the Code of Conduct. Having a pecuniary interest in a property immediately adjacent to a property the subject of a planning application was found to have been a matter Mr Dean should have declared.

It was the view of the Hearing Panel that the planning process must be seen to be transparent. No member of BDCC should ever sit on a neighbour's planning application. The panel found that complaint substantiated.

Secondly: Having been made aware that he MAY have breached the code Mr Dean was required under para 11.2 of the code to refer himself to the President and the Greffier. He failed to do so therefore that complaint was also upheld.

The panel unanimously believed that the breaches of the code were so serious that a 28 day suspension (concurrent on both complaints) was the appropriate sanction to impose.