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Press Release - Fort Doyle

Fort Doyle next in line for Heritage Site status

A proposal to transform Fort Doyle into a heritage site has met with approval from Alderney's General Services Committee (GSC).

The well-preserved Victorian fort with additional World War II fortifications stands on the headland between Platte Saline and Crabby Bay and is currently leased to the Alderney Amateur Boxing Club.

Following the success of The Nunnery Heritage Site on the other side of the island, the Alderney Society has put together a proposal to refurbish Fort Doyle as an important historic site and a key visitor attraction.

Volunteers have cleared and maintained several historic sites on the island while The Nunnery Heritage Site, one of Europe's best-preserved small Roman forts, has attracted numerous Staycation visitors from Guernsey since it was opened as a heritage attraction by Visit Alderney earlier this year.

The Alderney Society identified Fort Doyle as an important site dating from the Victorian era with its German additions of gun emplacements and bunkers, all in good condition although the site had become overgrown until recently when the Alderney Society arranged for it to be cleared.

States Members Kevin Gentle, Annie Burgess and Chris Harris asked for the report after visiting the site with Alderney Society's President Dr Trevor Davenport and Vice-President Pauline Black.

"This is a gem of a small fort," said Dr Davenport, who has drawn up a report on how it can be restored with improved public access and information boards similar to those at The Nunnery and elsewhere on the island.

"Its position at Crabby is very convenient and would furnish Alderney with another superb location for visitors and locals alike to appreciate and enjoy," he added.

Completed in 1854, "Doyle's Battery" is the smallest fort on the island and originally accommodated four guns with barracks for 22 men, officers quarters and kitchens, plus magazine and artillery stores. During the Occupation, two anti-tank gun bunkers were constructed along with bunkers for tank turrets, mortars, machine guns and personnel.

The States is liaising with the Boxing Club Trustees, who are supportive in principle of the proposals which will be discussed further between GSC, the Trustees and the Alderney Society.

Fort Doyle
Photograph by Alan Perks