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Press Release - Sports Action Plan 02.11.2020

States signs up to Alderney 'Sporting Chance' initiative

A "forward-thinking" plan to improve sports opportunities for the island's youth has received the backing of Alderney's Policy & Finance Committee (P&F).

The Alderney Youth Sport Action Plan, entitled 'Giving Alderney a Sporting Chance', is a collaboration between St Anne's School, the Guernsey Sports Commission and the Alderney Sports Foundation (ASF).

The States of Alderney now joins Guernsey's Committee for Education, Sport and Culture, Guernsey Sports Commission and the Youth Commission, together with all of the island's sports clubs, as a signatory to the plan. There is no requirement for States of Alderney financial support.

"The amount of work that has gone into this plan is to be commended," said P&F Chairman James Dent. "It's forward-thinking and entirely workable if we all pull together to the benefit of our children and young people."

The ASF supports the football, tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, sailing and table-tennis clubs as well as the school, in particular with sea swimming. It also supports the establishment of a martial arts club and is in discussions about an athletics club.

The ASF also lobbied organisations in Guernsey to ensure Alderney was represented in the Guernsey Sports Plan (Active 8) while Alderney's representatives on the States of Deliberation, Alex Snowdon and Steve Roberts, emphasised the specific issues that Alderney faces.

Talks are continuing as to how additional funding can be channelled to help off-island travel for Alderney's children and young people to play sport, and to keep the lack of a sports hall and swimming pool at the top of the agenda.

Sport Development Officer Tom Veillard, appointed by Guernsey Sports Commission in 2019 to work in partnership with the school, the ASF and local clubs, will be tasked with helping to deliver the Sporting Chance plan over the next five years. This will include sports provision for schoolchildren, integration into the island's sports clubs, performance pathways for young people to excel in sport, coaching development, grants and funding, and inclusion for children and young people of all abilities and backgrounds.

The plan also dovetails with initiatives that extend to Alderney such as the Plan for Sport, the Health & Wellbeing Strategy, the Healthy Weight Strategy, the Children and Young People's Plan, the Disability and Inclusion Strategy and the recently published Revive & Thrive Strategy.