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Press Release - Covid Vaccination Progress 15.01.2021

Vaccinations Progress

The vaccination roll-out is well underway with nearly 300 people already vaccinated in Alderney. A huge thanks goes out to all those who have been involved delivering this vaccination programme.

Alderney receives a share of the Bailiwick allocated vaccinations which are administered to permanent residents in the priority group order as advised by UK's Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (the JCVI). This priority order took into account analysis of over 30 million patient records and is based on factors including age related risk, clinical, legal and ethical reasons. JVCI are continuing to monitor the priority data such as the recent highlighted concern for Police and Teacher groups.

More details can be found here:

As previously advised by Public Health there is no timeline as to when each group will start to receive the vaccine. In an instance where there are extra doses of the vaccine, the next priority group will be invited to be vaccinated. No one will jump the queue and it cannot be privately purchased or issued to non-permanent residents. Whilst the vaccine is not compulsory and it may not stop you from getting the virus or passing it on to others, the vaccine is designed to reduce symptoms.

Alderney's President William Tate would like to thank everyone who is playing their part to protect our Covid-free Island and ask that we remain vigilant to help best protect the Island's residents.