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Press Release - Businesses safety and funding

Safety is paramount, businesses told

All businesses have been reminded that safety is paramount during lockdown and essential staff should not go to work if they are feeling unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms, however mild.

They have also been reassured that that a proposed support recovery clause, under which profitable businesses might have been asked to repay support payments, has been suspended to allow further consultation to take place. It will be reviewed at the end of February.

Business support measures apply equally in Alderney as part of the Bailiwick with details available at

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, chairman of the Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA), told the media briefing on February 8 that most businesses are "co-operating fully" and any company or their employees with concerns can discuss their specific situation by emailing or by calling 01481 743803.

He stressed that employees should not go to work if they are feeling unwell or if they develop even the mildest symptoms, which should be reported immediately.

The main Covid-19 symptoms are new and severe fatigue, new muscle ache for no obvious reason, headache (sinus pain, pain around eyes), loss of smell/taste, sore throat, fever (high temperature, rigors, chills, can't get warm), shortness of breath and chest tightness, continuous new cough. In children or the elderly, loose stools, mild fever and a developing cough are additional symptoms.

Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink said the earliest recognition of even mild symptoms was extremely helpful in her team's work to control the virus, which has been confirmed as the 'UK variant'. She added that, for the first time since lockdown was imposed, no new positive cases had been reported on February 8 (as of 1pm).

If you experience any symptoms, no matter how mild, please contact the Clinical Helpline by calling 01481 756938 or 01481 756969. If you are unable to get through because the lines may be busy, call the Island Medical Centre on 822077.

The CCA meets tomorrow (February 9) to consider an exit strategy with a media briefing scheduled for 1pm on Wednesday February 10.
For more information and guidance please visit or the States of Alderney website where the latest media information will be posted.