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Press Release - Barrier removed 30.03.2021

Island Hall removes barrier to open government

The hub of Alderney Government does not need barriers to open government.

That's the view of the new administration at Island Hall which has removed ground floor
screen barriers.

Appointments are still required before accessing offices to make sure the right staff are
available, depending on the issue.

"The community has gained the impression of a lack of access to Island Hall offices by the
placing of screens and a red retractable caution belt barrier on the ground floor in front of
the stairs that was put in place last year," Member Ian Carter told the Policy & Finance
Committee (P&F).

"Access to those who govern for us is at the heart of open government and a position that
many of us hold as a principle that we want to promote."

"I appreciate this is trivial in the great scheme of things but it is an item of contention voiced
by many islanders and the change is needed so that the Island Hall does not have a
perceived barrier to openness and access."

In addition, the General Office has now returned to full time opening as COVID
requirements reduce. Visitors will still be asked to socially distance and use hand sanitiser to
keep everyone safe.

Islanders wanting to speak to a member of staff beyond the ground floor general office
should make an appointment and on arrival wait to be met and accompanied to the prearranged

The barriers were removed last week.