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Press Release - Deputy Ferbrache

Guernsey Chief Minister: 'We are committed to Alderney'

Guernsey's Chief Minister, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, came to Alderney on June 5th to present a clear vision of the Island as an intrinsic part of the Bailiwick and its economy.

The President of Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee (P&R), accompanied by Deputy Chris Blin, was given a warm welcome at an open meeting of around 60 Islanders including States of Alderney Members, business leaders and residents.
"I am committed to Alderney - it's a great place and we all want it to prosper," said Deputy Ferbrache.

Answering questions in an open and good-natured way, subjects covered included the airport runway rehabilitation, closer links with Guernsey, Alderney's cannabis oils industry, tourism and the possibility of re-opening borders, direct air links to Southampton and the Public Service Obligation (PSO), the swimming pool issue and even a suggestion of a new Guernsey Bank.

He also said an Action Plan was exploring the many ways in which Alderney and Guernsey can work more closely together. He was warmly applauded on several occasions.

States of Alderney Member Ian Carter, Policy and Finance Committee spokesman for Island affairs, said: "Deputy Ferbrache's clear vision of Alderney as a vital and intrinsic part of the Bailiwick and its economy was most encouraging.

"His realism about capital spending and now being the time to spend wisely for the benefit of the Bailiwick, while not being overly cautious, is a positive message for the community. In addition, his focus on Alderney's airport infrastructure, backed up by Guernsey P&R's commitment to provide up-to-date data for the decision-making process, is to be commended."

One Alderney resident and businessman, Nigel Roberts, put his questions aside to praise Deputy Ferbrache for "setting the tone from the top" by presenting such a positive message that he had not heard in 25 years living in Alderney.

Hosted by P&F Chairman Bill Abel, the Deputies took part in a buoyant interview on QuayFM before meeting States of Alderney Members, Chief Executive Kath Jones and Chamber of Commerce Vice President Nigel Lawrence.

Annie Burgess, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, said: "Deputy Ferbrache's comments on looking at Alderney's accessibility, particularly the runway were welcomed, as were Deputy Blin's comments on sea links. The time given both to the earlier meeting with the States members and the open forum with the public was well received and appreciated, especially in their readiness to answer a varied range of questions on many different topics."

And Steve Roberts, one of two Alderney representatives on Guernsey's States of Deliberation, added: "The new recognition of sorting a problem rather than living with it speaks volumes. Opportunities must now be grasped and not squandered."