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Press Release - Pontoon incident 10 06 2021

Harbour Pontoon Update

We want to update everyone about changes in the last 24 hours. The Harbour Pontoon has now been severely damaged, possibly beyond repair, following a number of larger vessels using the facility, despite the signage.

A spokesperson from the Harbour Office advised that emergency work is underway to try to find a temporary solution, to bring the pontoon back into safe use.

As you know the pandemic has delayed works and redirected resources in many areas, but work has continued all be it at a slower pace, which also includes a possible joint venture with the RNLI which would involve the placement of a new custom built facility to suit all parties.

The main issue, prior to this latest damage was the piling / floating platform and many repair options have been tabled and fully discussed. We aim to resolve this primary concern as soon as possible, depending on contractor availability, and we will provide updates.

In the meantime during the pandemic, due to off island specialist visit restrictions, the pontoon has been carefully monitored through its final usage and prior to this incident vessels were advised that the pontoon is only to be used by small tenders or dinghies.

Again the Harbour Authority would like to thank all harbour users for their patience and cooperation as we look to provide a swift solution to this issue.