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Press Release - Alderney Travel arrangements from July 1 V2

Alderney ready for changes to travel restrictions - Update for clarification

Close collaboration with Aurigny and the port authorities has enabled Alderney to put in place a new arrivals system to welcome people travelling direct from the Common Travel Area (CTA) on or after July 1st.

The CCA has varied its original plans to lift restrictions for those arriving from the CTA because it has been shown that those who have received two vaccine doses are better protected than those who have received a single dose.

The Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA) has announced that passengers arriving from the CTA 'Blue' zone who have had both vaccine doses and 14 days have passed since their second dose, will not be required to have a test or self-isolate. However, proof of vaccination is required along with travel tracker information.

The Blue zone includes the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and Jersey.


Air Travel

Aurigny staff at Southampton Airport will offer passengers the opportunity to complete travel tracker information before boarding and will check proof of vaccination documentation before boarding, whether flying direct to Alderney or via Guernsey. They will not be allowed to board without a completed travel tracker.

With direct flights to and from Southampton resuming on July 1st, a new arrivals system and testing centre will be in place at Alderney Airport, staffed by a Welcome Team. Passengers arriving from Southampton will be directed to a portacabin adjacent to the apron where their documentation will be checked. Those who show proof that they have had two vaccinations (and 14 days after the last vaccination) will be able to pass through without further restrictions. For those who have either not been vaccinated or have only received one vaccination or travelled outside the CTA prior to arrival they will be tested on arrival in the testing centre.

Passengers arriving from Guernsey by air will go through the existing arrivals procedure. However, travellers arriving in Alderney from within the CTA but via Guernsey, identified by their travel tracker information, will be directed to the new Covid-19 arrivals area.


Sea Travel

The harbour has a fully operational testing centre for visiting vessels. All vessels from the UK are required to pre-register their arrival and ensure all passengers have completed travel tracking, which can be carried out on board if necessary, and ensure that they have the required vaccination proof. Please refer to the Charter/Ferry companies for specific Covid travel information.

Visiting vessels arriving from outside Bailiwick waters with anyone on board who does not have vaccination proof or has incomplete travel tracking information will be directed to an isolation buoy and given a time to come ashore for tests.

People travelling from the UK or other parts of the CTA who are not yet fully vaccinated will continue to be subject to the category requirements - as now - based on the rate of prevalence in the country or region they are travelling from.