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Press Release - Harbour Crane statement 14.07.2021

Update on Harbour crane repairs

Engineers arrive today to repair faults on Alderney's harbour crane after emergency measures were required on the weekend to keep the Island's shops stocked with supplies.

A temporary crane was hired from Jersey to unload vessels on Saturday and remains available should the new harbour crane not return to service by the weekend.

An electrical fault in the new crane was repaired last week only for further faults to develop. The crane is under warranty from manufacturers Sennebogen.

Meanwhile, the MV Trinity was unloaded with fresh supplies using the temporary crane yesterday morning (July 13).

Harbour office staff and stevedores worked through the night in the early hours of Saturday to position the temporary crane and over the weekend to supply the island.

Boyd Kelly, Chairman of the General Services Committee, said shops and businesses will be informed of any changes in the position and apologised for the disruption caused by faults to the new crane. States Members and civil servants have been engaged in emergency talks to resolve the issues.